Guillaume & Virginie Philip

Виноделы Прованса

Domaine des Diables

История любви

A few years ago, more precisely in 2006, Virginie Fabre and her partner Guillaume Philip came into the spotlight in the world of vineyards and wine, obtaining medals, distinctions and prizes in the sub-region of Côtes-de-Provence Sainte-Victoire.

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Domaine des Diables

The wines from the Domaine des Diables have become a benchmark for Côtes de Provence wines in fewer than ten years. Discover the collection of wines from the Domaine des Diables.

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Made in Provence

Created by Guillaume & Virginie, the MiP brand, short for Made in Provence, boasts marketing and wine production that is modern and distinct, just like its creators. Discover the wines produced by Guillaume, Virginie & Paul.

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