Guillaume & Virginie Philip
Winemakers in Provence

Cultivation techniques

Our task - combining tradition & modernity

In the interests of constant respect for the environment and the consumer, all our plots are cultivated in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, bordering on organic farming. This technique consists of following the presence and evolution of cryptogamic vine diseases very closely, and intervening only if the risk of damage is high. This allows the saving of treatments and the preservation of the flora and fauna on the Sainte Victoire site.

Throughout the vegetative cycle of the vine, soils are regularly hoed to remove weeds and limit the effects of drought. The fertilisers used come from the vines: the stalks and grapes, after having been distilled, are returned to the ground. The shoots are also ground up to keep a stable level of organic matter in the soil. Thanks to a predefined model and tensiometric probe apparatus in our soils, the hydric stress of the vine is carefully managed in order to provide no more than a sufficient quantity of water to the vine.

We adjust treatment for each individual plot, with the objective of giving each of our wine varieties a different personality, always keeping the same common approach in the management of the vine. All our plots are equipped with high trellises with double wires in order to achieve a maximum leaf area and accurate monitoring of the feeding of the plant. With the leaf functioning as a solar panel, the more there are, the more grapes the vine can produce.